bout the Fife

Fifes are a type of flute. They has been around since the middle ages. Fifes were commonly made by turning and reaming a single piece of wood. Like most wind instruments from this period, they have a cylindrical bore. Their bore is narrower than many other flutes, a feature that gives them their striking tone. They have six finger holes and no thumb hole, just like the penny whistle. They are commonly made in the key of B-flat, a sixth above that of concert flutes which are pitched in D. Thus they are high pitched. They have a range of an octave and a fifth. Plastic Fife

The fife is primarily remembered as a military instrument. It was popularized and disseminated through Europe in the 15th century by Swiss mercenaries. It was paired with drums to give commands to foot troops. Plastic Fife Plastic Fife

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